Youth Speak Out.

The Nobodyless Network  ( Polo Europeo della conoscenza ) Organizes in collaboration with Cidalia Organization a freeworkshop about photovoice for inclusion – January 24 from 17:00 to 19:00 online Rome time

Let’s Care” is an initiative that identifies factors affecting student safety at the individual, relational, community and policy levels, with the aim of establishing frameworks for safe learning, safe teaching, safe schools and safe education. In our Hub you can find resources and best practices on the project phases and their contents.

One of the main premises in the development of research and studies with young people is to consider them as competent and respectful actors, from a non-adult-centric position and adapted to the peculiarities of the youth experience.

The Photovoice technique is a participatory research and action methodology that uses the creation of images as a tool to access the reflection of the participants. For us it is a method to access the subjectivity of young people, useful for our analysis, and at the same time to generate a process of self-knowledge and empowerment.

A workshop will be held in English for the educational community. Join the workshop and register


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