Community Network Nobody Less

Created into the ProSocial Values Erasmus+Ka201 project the International “Nobody Less” Community network is a network of schools, NGOs and educational institutions believing in the importance of pro-social values as a min pillar of this humanity and the world. Those values are the pillars of any civil society and they represent the common values one’s can find all over the world.

The “Nobody Less” Community Network, therefore, involves educational institutions and stakeholders across Europe, and outside Europe, to adopt prosociality attitude as their daily practices as a symbol in their everyday educational life. This community aims at bringing a real change in the way the children/students learn to coexist in a better way. The spreading of prosocial values among the pupils will help the schools to forget the situations of bullying and social exclusion and it will also have an impact at the social level paving the way for a peaceful and inclusive society.

Every educational institution joining Nobody Less community network will adopt the prosocial values charter here (Prosocial Values Charter) and promote it among Its members and students. The students will have to discuss and adopt the same charter and carry it as a daily attitude in their life (Student’s Charter)

If interested to join us contact your national contact reference person. Nobody Less Community Network Board