ProSocial Values is a project addressing to the challenge of social inclusion and education by helping children from 5 to 15 years old learn prosocial skills, develop positive interpersonal relationships and therefore foster social coexistence and individual empowerment. The means through which this change will be achieved are an international community of schools cooperating in the promotion of activities at national and international level, a specific training for the teachers and a set of serious games to involve pupils and improve their prosocial skills. ProSocial Values aims at involving directly the schools, teachers, headmasters/ directors and pupils in the creation of a community for the spreading of prosociality in the whole local society. Thanks to the introduction of new teaching methodologies involving the use of serious games for the development of prosocial skills in the school environment, the project aims at:

  • Strengthen the cooperative, altruistic and empathic behaviour within the school community
  • Teach the prosocial skills,
  • Develop positive interpersonal relationships
  • Foster social coexistence and individual empowerment

A database of serious games on prosociality will be collected. These actions will create a solid basis for the development of the training of the teachers responsible for their local communities. As an integration to the training (available also in a specific digital platform), an online serious game about prosociality, with different levels of difficulty will be developed. Once the teachers will be trained on specific methods to teach the prosocial values, the research phase will start and the social improvements in the involved schools will be measured and analysed. Two international conferences, local seminars and workshops and three newsletter will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the results of the project.