Robotics versus Bullying is an Erasmus+ Project KA3 – Support for Policy Reform 612872-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD approved by the European commission and It has the objective of preventing bullying since the early school years through the use of innovative pedagogical educational strategies, based on the use of robotics in a cooperative way in a co-constructivist environment. Putting together innovation, socialization, learning, education, teamwork, learning by doing in the field of educational robots, the learners will start to acquire the awareness for the prevention of bullying and cyber-bullying through the universal language of learning by doing, peer education as a strategy for inclusion, in a proximal learning environment. The project aims to operate both in the field of school and higher education by addressing the teachers with courses that will improve their digital skills and provide them with the capacity of structuring cross-disciplinary activities using robots and ICT to prevent bullying and promote inclusion. The activities the teachers will develop are based on proximal cooperative learning used in a non-formal and game-based way. The innovation and the cross-disciplinary are the founding values of this project because it stems from the ideas of teachers that in their everyday work face the need for more involving teaching methods and tackle the challenge of social inclusion. This grassroots need meets the interest of the decision-makers involved in the project, thus we have the ambition to set up and to get it accepted, a common new international/European policy, as a demonstration of possible integration of ICT competencies can be used and promote educational prosocial values. The partnership, therefore, will develop training modules, starting from a strong psycho-pedagogical basis, addressed to the teachers in order to improve their competencies in the creation of robotics activities as the main tool to instill in children the self/group protection as an anti-bullying attitude. In order to achieve an effective impact, the project partners will work both on grass root and decision-making levels, addressing directly the teachers and the schools during a piloting phase and the institutions (universities, training centers, and the policymakers) with specific recommendations and training curricula. The final objective of the partnership is to create an International Network of institutions committed to bullying prevention through innovative means. The partnership is composed of teachers’ representatives and decision/policymakers in order to obtain a deeper impact in the strengthening of the professional profile of the educators, acting both at grass root and higher education level. The project is funded under Erasmus+ Programme, Sub-programme “Support for Policy Reform”, Action “Forward-looking cooperation projects”, and gives a response to the Priority 4 of the call for proposals: “Promoting innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches to STE(A)M teaching in education” reinforces the sense of belonging and decreases the risk of prevarication attitudes and at the same time mediates values ​​and example that train students in areas of positive and constructive relationships.

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