Italy - Network Board's President and National coordinator

Stefano Cobello - Coordinator of Polo Europeo della Conoscenza Network of educational Instituions

Bulgaria - Vice-President - and National coordinator

Iglika Angelova Trakia University - Kite Organization in Sofia

Italy - Secretary

Elena Milli Schools Network and President of Association

North Macedonia - National coordinator

Bojan Vasilev Coordinator of Friend of Education Association

Scotland - National coordinator

Marina Vasileva Connell

Lithuania - National coordinator

Jurgita Vaitiekuniene Panevezys District Education Centre

Türkiye - National coordinator - Usak

Ahmet Yurdakul Uşak Provincial Directorate of National Education - Usak

Türkiye - National coordinator - Ankara

Prof. Esra Omeroglu Gazi University - Ankara

Spain - National coordinator

Marian Blanco - Consejería de Educación. Junta de Castilla y León

Romania - National coordinator

Pirvu Ionica - Asociația SINAPTICA

Portugal - National coordinator

Josè Nunes - Associațion Make It Better

Austria - National coordinator

Darmar Kommer - INMAD – International Institute for Managing Diversity

Poland - National coordinator

Maciej Dymacz Association ARID

Switzerland - National coordinator

Ilaria Bonadies Montagna Association: TI rispetto di Pregassona, Lugano, Svizzera

Argentina - National coordinator

Giampiero Finocchiaro Italian Schools in Argentina - Italian Minister of Education

India - National coordinator

Swati Popat Vats - President of: Podar Education Network  Early Childhood Association  Association for Primary Education and Research

Buriatia - National coordinator

Bair Darmaiev - Director Foundation Fair World

Russia ( Moskow) - National coordinator

Roman Komarov - Moskow Governmental University Department Psichology

Brazil - National coordinator

Rachel Gouveia Passos - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - Escola de Serviço Social Departamento de Métodos e Técnicas

Albania - National coordinator

Dentila Garipi, Executive Director of Lunah Education Center NGO, in Durres, Albania.

Semarang (Indonesia) - National coordinator

Hariani Hardo Widjojo S.Pd, School Director of Pelita Hati Montessori School

Cusco (Perù) - National coordinator

Antonella Ferro Acuna Presiednt of The NGO "Los Niños del Fuego providing educational support for children with difficulties in the process of learning. website:

(Greece) - National coordinator

Ourania Kappou Founder and Managing Director of the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute.

(Bosnia) - National coordinator

Adnan Mević; Executive manager of Muharem Berbić

(Spain) - 2. National coordinator

Francesco Filippi is director of the projects department and quality management coordinator of the MUSOL foundation (Valencia)website

(Germany) - National Coordinator

Marion Oswald is the principal of the Internat Solling (Boarding School; an accredited independent public grammar school with a tradition reaching back more than 100 years)

(Lithuania) - 2 National Coordinator

Silva Blažulionienė is President of the NGO "Creative Future Ideas" located in Klaipėda, Lithuania is working with disabled (deaf, mental disabled, youth with ASD). and deaf people organizations in non-formal education field. KAI trainers and social workers have big experience in using non-formal training methods in education, organizing seminars, conferences, events.

(Latvia) - National Coordinator

Ilona Roja is the president of Innovation Educational Center "IDEJA", founded in 2004 as department of VILORI Ltd, is an education institution, which implements education non-formal and informal education programs and training in arts, decorative applied arts, languages, self-motivation and social exclusion mitigating therapies and development of social skills for adults, families and seniors. By that it focuses on the aspects of personal development and social learning.

(Serbia) - National Coordinator

Petar Pantić is the project corodinator od YAEDA (Youth and Adult Educational Association) is formed in 2021. in Požarevac, Serbia, by three teachers. The aim of the Association is to offer courses and additional educational tools to students and people of Požarevac and Braničevo county in the fields of creativity, multicultural- lity, European studies, history, digitalization, lifelong learning ecology and sustainability.

(Egypt) - National Coordinator

Mostafa Kamel, co-founder of  Tamkeen Organization for Sustainable Development. Coordinator for new Egyptian consortium of three NGO and one university

(Armenia) - National Coordinator

Diana Yeghiazaryan Programs Director Information & Education Development Network INEDNET

(Equador) - National Coordinator

Susmara Andrea Solís promotes the design of projects in the 12 communes (inhabited by more than 55,000 people), located in the Ilaló volcano, Municipality of Quito, Ecuador. Organization: Ilaló Communes, Leopoldo Chávez Commune. Atocha Indigenous Hospital,

(Italy) - Member

Ivo Zambello is the founder of Towntwinning Committee of Ceregnano, a Private Cultural non-profit Association and NGO located in a countryside area with a high rate of migration (e.g. from China, Romania, Morocco etc) and a high unemployement rate. 13% of adult learners receive social help (free lunches, allowances, benefits from social help organizations). 2% of our citizens come from pathological backgrounds and require constant counseling.

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