For five days we had the opportunity to be part of the program “Prosocial Values” in Macedonia. During those days I remember special moments like, the visit to the schools, where we were able to experience the values of this country who was welcoming us.

I would like to highlight one of the most exciting moments for me from the Conference for teachers. It was undoubtedly during the radio workshop that was carried out by students of the CEIP “Miguel de Cervantes” of Valladolid, Spain.

I remember it as follows:  The student presenting the Radio Program starts with a round of questions in English to the Macedonian students, inside the public we had an unexpected volunteer, Tamara. A student with an intellectual disability willing to participate in the program as a protagonist. And nothing special and at the same time, everything happens at that moment: The Spanish student asks her name in English, she does not understand the question very well and answers something else, when a Macedonian classmate notices, reacts immediately as an interpreter and translates to Macedonian the questions that she asks they are doing.

This is the magic goal that this inclusive education tries to reach: Facilitate spaces, resources, tools and give prominence to the protagonists, the rest comes by itself.

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