Schools plastic-free network – Spem is an Erasmus+ KA3 approved project within the Nobody Less Community Network gathers educational institutions that believe in the importance of values of the environment as the foundation of the civil society and they are ready to represent their adherence to those values at the national and international level. This community aims at bringing a real change in the way the children learn to coexist in a better way. The network aims to educate future generations to respect the environment and have kids inventing all possible ways to replace the use of plastic with alternative, sustainable and biocompatible material. The spreading of prosocial values among children and young people will pave the way for a future respectful of the environment society. The movement’s members will share the founding idea that the goal of educate to respect the environment is not only the transmission of notions but the growth of the individual by adopting this value that will make that person a man or woman who brings a positive contribution in society.

For this reason, every school or NGO member is committed to:

  1. educate children to avoid using plastic and be aware of the environmental problems connected with the use of plastic
  2. develop kids creativity to invent material and tools of alternative origin to permanently use instead of plastic in schools
  3. create a platform online with all the sharing experiences
  4. propose online sharing games, activities, strategies to prevent the use of plastic
  5. Join and take an active part in the European and extra European movement of schools/ institutions/ NGOs
  6. Involve the children’s families in changing their habits and not using plastic anymore
  7. create a school brand as a symbol of social involvement in the process
  8. Elaborate lesson plans or activities about the plastic effect on human being and the Earth

Moreover, the School/ NGOs identify for the current year a person who will be responsible to keep the contact with all the other schools of the network and join all the activities proposed.

to join the school plastic free network click here

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