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Out Of The Net Project

Out of the Net ” is Strategic Partnership that aims at preventing early school leaving through a new pedagogical methodology developed on strong and innovative socio-psycho-pedagogical bases to tackle a…

Pearl Project

The Erasmus+ KA201 project PEARL “Emotional Empathic Proximal Learning-Educational Environment” is a project that aims to develop and validate an educational model, innovative and replicable at an international level, aimed…

Rights Project

Rights then enter into dramatized fairy tales and become an instrument of mediation of the value of rights through the direct experience of the elderly.


In a highly specialized and technologized world, critical and competent citizenship in science and technology is more needed than ever. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) could be addressed since…

Juegos sobre los valores universales

(Español) Al enseñar los valores prosociales es importante centrarse en los que podemos llamar universales como: ética, paz, democracia, libertad, responsabilidad, cuidado del medio ambiente y la naturaleza

(Español) Otro material digital

(Español) Esta sección incluye otros materiales digitales disponibles de forma gratuita y en línea, que el profesorado tiene a su disposición para trabajar aspectos prosociales en el aula